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Einstein's Lost Theory Uncovered

• arclein
The Big Bang theory had found observational support in the 1920s, when US astronomer Edwin Hubble and others discovered that distant galaxies are moving away and that space itself is expanding. This seemed to imply that, in the past, the contents of the observable Universe had been a very dense and hot ‘primordial broth’.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There isn't any gravity. There is only inertia. The reason it feels like gravity is the expanding universe. The material of the earth is expanding right under us. It is pushing us outward, away from the earth's center.

Not only is there expansion of the material in the universe, but its expansion is increasing in rate of expansion. That's why we feel gravity. It's this rate of expansion increase that we feel, as inertia tends to keep us remaining at a constant expansion velocity. The only reason we can measure it is that there are some energies that expand a slightly different rates than the materials do.