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Clashes, Bombings, Shootings Leave 96 Dead, 95 Wounded Across Iraq

•, by Margaret Griffis
In the northern village of Ghazil, gunmen attacked a group of policemen protecting oil pipelines. The ensuing clashes lasted over an hour and left 26 policemen dead and another 10 wounded.
In Falluja, military artillery strikes resumed despite the truce; five people were killed and 10 more were injured. A civilian was killed and 15 others were wounded during a separate shelling attack.
A sticky bomb in Haditha wounded a councilman and two bodyguards.
A suicide bomber in Anbar province harmed a number of people delivering food. Also, 25 militants were killed in security operations.
Twelve militants were killed south of Baghdad in Jurf al-Sakhar.
In Mosul, seven people were killed in six shootings. A bomb wounded three soldiers. A prison employee was wounded in a separate blast.
A roadside bomb on a highway near Baiji killed three policemen and the four detainees they were escorting. At least three policemen were wounded.