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10 infants dead in California whooping cough outbreak

Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has claimed the 10th victim in California, in what health officials are calling the worst outbreak in 60 years.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Yes, I know. It has taken me a bit of a while to understand how MMS works. Now that I understand, I COULD find ways to express it. I have that ability. But until I do, here is a short version of my personal testimonial.

Two years ago I was having the beginnings of some some serious, personal health problems. I don't even know what they were, because I don't like the medical. Most of the time all they do is tell you to take 2 aspirins and get some rest. Or else they want to do a battery of tests that usually come back inconclusive, and then they diagnose the wrong thing. So, I started on MMS.

MMS is not a miracle cure. But it is kind of coincidental how my symptoms stopped getting worse, and started to reverse themselves, slowly. I have added other things to the MMS regime, and I am getting well from stuff that I never knew I had. And it's all way cheaper than even going to the doctor.

Can I tell anyone what their results will be? Of course not! But I can and have directed them to the Jim Humble MMS websites so they can use their natural freedom to make their own decision.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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 Such snakeoil wouldn't even withstand clinical trials. I think the scientific community is doing the proponents of MMS (like yourself) a favor by not accommodating any "evidence" to save people like yourself from the embarassment of being thoroughly debunked.

Then again, even if peer review journals accepted papers from proponents of MMA and they were refuted I doubt you would believe the results anyway. I think you would complain about how corrupt they are despite your idea(s) having been refuted.

Comment by Ed Price
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And the medical won't even allow clinical trials on Jim Humble's MMS, to say nothing about doing the trials. Or show me where they have done the trials.

Would MMS have controlled this outbreak? Who knows? But there are a whole lot of people who claim MMS healing from the common cold to diabetes to cancer, etc.