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Pasco Co., FL Sheriff Defends 2nd Amendment on Piers Morgan!

•, Debbie
  I called the Sheriff's office and sent him an email thanking him. His secretary said they'd gotten calls and emails from all over, and she seemed a bit surprised. (Pasco Co. is just north of Tampa). Here's his contact info if you'd like to let him know you appreciate what he's doing!
Pasco County Sheriff's Office Phone: (727) 847-5878
                                                         (727) 847-5878 FREE  

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Comment by Ed Price
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Good way to sate a good point. The example used by the sheriff is that law abiding people do not abuse illegal drugs. Why not? Because they are law abiding, and do not use anything illegal.

The drug war is immense. It is a good example of HOW laws do not work. The laws against certain drugs do not stop some people from getting and using those drugs. So, why would it be any different with guns? In fact, the problem expressed by Piers Morgan is in the wrong area, and the wrong direction. The real problem is in Government. Here's what I mean.

If all the gun laws and illegal drug laws were repealed, and if all the gun HARM AND DAMAGE and drug HARM AND DAMAGE were punished as deserve, the problems would go away. Why? Because the criminals would be either behind bars, or else they would be executed. There would be only good citizens left, who wouldn't act wrongfully against anyone.

The point is, it's the idiots and criminals in Governments, the ones making laws against the use of "things," who are causing the problems. How? It is the making of laws that gives rise for laws to be broken. In fact, they (Government officials) are directly abusing their authority by making laws against guns, something that is against their oath of office, and the Constitution/Bill of Rights that put them in power.

If there were no laws, the only thing that could be judged between is harm and damage. The only thing that could be punished is harm that someone did to someone else, or the damage that he did to the other person's property. If harm or damage were done, the person doing it would be off the streets, in prison or executed, and we would have peace. It's the laws that cause the unrest.

The imbeciles and criminals in Government are the ones actually causing the unrest in the nation by making laws against the American people. The only reason we might need Government is for protecting from foreign nations. Let's get rid of ALL the laws created by the Government's in America that are against the people in America. Let's start doing what is right... judging ONLY between harm done or property damaged. Then we will have true freedom.