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Vigilantes reclaim another town in western Mexico


About 80 men armed with high-powered rifles Friday moved into the village of Huerta, population of about 500, in a convoy of trucks, an AFP reporter at the scene said.

They were followed by a contingent of federal police who did not try to stop them, despite government efforts in recent days to get civilian vigilante groups in the region to stand down.

The vigilantes also captured two suspected cartel members and confiscated weapons, jackets, radios and other goods and equipment.
Federal forces in recent days have moved into Michoacan, in western Mexico, and tried to disarm the local vigilante groups....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! Over 1500 comments to this article.

All governments are "states." Even the Federal Government, the United States Government is a state - Enright v. U.S., D.C.N.Y., 437 F.Supp. 580, 581.

ALL organized groupings of people are governments. They are states. They are states of mind. To be effective, they must be written down so that the people of the particular state/government can remember what their state is all about, and work together effectively.

Mexico is showing us the way. Many of their people have had enough. Their vigilante groups are states. They are governments. Our Democrat and Republican parties are governments. Even the small "l" libertarian group is a state, a government. Even you on your own are a state/government.

If you want to be part of a government, consider that everything that the government that you are a part of does - all the things that you admire about it - can be done AGAINST you, as well as against others who are not in agreement with your government.

Consider the governments, the states of mind, that are in the United States of America. Which one has little or nothing that it can use against you when you are/become part of it? If it is the small "l" libertarian group, you are honest. If it is virtually any other government/state in America, you are a crook, even though you don't know it. Why? Because virtually all governments in America tend to steal freedom and property from people one way or another... all governments/states other than the small "l" libertarian party, that is.

So, be a small "l" libertarian, so that you are not supporting a government of crooks.