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Montana Mountain Man Arrested for Trying to Feed Himself, Leaves Judge Speechless

(Video) In a packed courtroom, 52-year-old Ernie Tertelgte told the judge “I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry… You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action.” Charged with fishing without a license and resisting the arrest for fishing without a license, Mr. Tertegte says he’s being wrongly prosecuted for trying to feed himself.

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Comment by Ed Price
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UPDATE -- Arrested For Feeding Himself Man Found Guilty!

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 Published on Nov 23, 2013

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On Thursday I wrote about Ernie Wayne Tertelgte, who insisted in court that the law had no right to try or arrest him for fishing without a license because he belongs under natural and universal law where he is entitled to feed himself and fend for himself.

The comments and support for Ernie has been overwhelmingly in his favor, people called the courts, the papers, even some saying this man should be up for president because he "gets it."

Well, Ernie was brought back to court and they found him guilty, after having him removed from the court, in handcuffs, for objecting to the entire proceedings.
In court, FWP warden Adam Pankratz said Tertelgte refused to give him his name when approached. He was fishing with his 11-year-old son that day and the warden told the court he and a Three Forks police officer repeatedly tried to stop the situation from escalating, but Tertelgte refused to comply.

Tertelgte did not get a chance to cross examine witnesses.

Once again, I am going to show his initial interactions with the cowardly judge that made him a hero throughout the internet, a video that has garnered over 465,000 hits.

Here is a link to Montana's judicial branch for those that want to have a word with them over their persecution of Ernie for demanding what amounts to blackmail just so he can feed himself.

Wanda Drusch, City Judge

206 Main; PO Box 187 Three Forks

MT 59752


285-3431 fax

Contacting the City by webform can be found at -

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