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Stephen Cave: The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death


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Comment by Ed Price
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Stephen Cave's religion that he expresses in this video, is or might be great comfort for people who have no hope. The truth has other considerations.

Investigate the complexities of life, and you will see that there are many great complexities that cannot be explained by the way nature works. The fact that they exist is right in front of us all. Yet there is little evidence for their beginning, and NOTHING conclusive that our interpretations of the evidence is accurate. Actually, the complexities of nature show that existence of nature is so extremely impossible, that there is absolutely no chance that it could exist, except that it does exist.

Why do such an investigation of nature? So that you can see that, logically speaking, there might be need to prepare for "after death." For example, if you cut your finger, or scrape your knee, or break a bone, most of the time there is pain. Pain exists because of all kinds of bio-electric and chemical happenings in the body. But the way that we interpret pain as pain is essentially entirely unknown. So, what if death, the complete loss of the whole body - rather than just a tiny loss of a cut or scrape or broken bone - really involves a corresponding amount of pain? While it probably doesn't, we just don't know for sure.

The Maker of this impossible-to-exist universe, show us the truth about life and death in an impossible-to-exist book, the Bible. The way the Bible came about, was brought together, was compiled, maintains within itself the threads of explanation that it carries, and the ways that it affects millions of people, show that the Great One has a message for us that is way beyond anything in this Ted video.

We have hope. We have a future, glorious, eternal life if we want it. And if we reject the future life, there is a future, everlasting destruction - everlasting, because it will take forever to destroy the eternal soul of every individual who rejects life. But the only place that accurately explains it all is the Bible.

Since this whole life is essentially impossible, except that it exists, it is to our benefit to investigate the words of the Maker of life and the universe in His impossible book, the Bible.

Comment by Mary Schoeppler
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 There is a wonderful book that you and everyone has to read.  It is entitled "The Start, Your Life, Your Future".  This book talks about what what our lives will be like after we die.  All that I can say is that you have to read the entire book.  It has helped many people, and has changed lives.  And if a person belongs to the Kindle reading club (I do not have a Kindle), they can read this entire book for FREE.  But take the time to read this book.  It explains so much that we all need to know.  This book is a blessing.