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Local fight with Mexican cartel a small victory

• AP
.... Eight months after locals formed self-defense groups, they say they are free of the cartel in six municipalities of the Tierra Caliente, or "Hot Land," which earned its moniker for the scorching weather but whose name has also come to signify criminal activity. What's more, the self-defense group leaders, who are clearly breaking Mexican law by picking up military-style arms to fight criminals, say the federal government is no longer arresting them, but recruiting them to help federal forces identify cartel members....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Oh, and by the way, thanks to all you Chinese Bitcoin users who are helping to put down the World Banking Cartel.

Comment by Ed Price
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The point? Well actually there are two.

1. Government is what government is, not what the media, or some other government, or a bunch of other stupid people say it is. In this case government is the private citizens taking up arms.

2. Let us remain ever taking up arms here in the good old U.S. Sometimes we can't tell which group of crooks is the biggest, standard criminals or the Government. We need to be the government just to protect ourselves from the Government.