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How America Was Lost

•, By Paul Craig Roberts
 Dean Acheson declared 51 years ago that power, position, and prestige are the ingredients of national security and that national security trumps law. In the United States democracy takes a back seat to “national security,” a prerogative of the executive branch of government.

National security is where the executive branch hides its crimes against law, both domestic and international, its crimes against the Constitution, its crimes against innocent citizens both at home and abroad, and its secret agendas that it knows that the American public would never support.

“National security” is the cloak that the executive branch uses to make certain that the US government is unaccountable.

Without accountable government there is no civil liberty and no democracy except for the sham voting that existed in the Soviet Union and now exists in the US.

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Comment by Ed Price
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National security takes a back seat to personal security. Why? Because those promoting national security are the same people who want personal security, and that is why they are promoting national security.

When national security starts taking away too much personal security from the rest of Americans, Americans will reset national security back to what it was supposed to be in the first place.