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To The American Constabulary: Uphold THE Law of Our Land or Throw Down Your Badges

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My son was with the Police Department of a large southern California city for several years, and that certainly does not make me an authority on the subject of police departments, and having a number of friends in several other police organizations does about the same.  However, being ex-military, I do have some understanding of a "chain of command" and a hierarchy structure of authorities. 

When I pulled guard duty as a teenager in Vietnam, we were always given daily relevant "general orders" which were typically prefaced by a brief description of recent enemy activities and such.  But as every soldier knows (or at least used to know), there is a structure of "orders" or "regulations" and such that could never be negated by any "general order"; things like the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Military Oath of Enlistment AND The Constitution of The United States.

Police departments around the world are often referred to as "para-military" organizations and large police departments typically have units that are trained in exactly the same mode as our military "special operations" type organizations.

For the record, I would like to point out that I live in Las Vegas, Nevada which has - based on my observations and opinion - has one of the finer police forces in the nation when one takes into consideration our demographics - the very, very rich, those who will never be rich (financially) and that ever decreasing population in the middle who struggle every day to avoid being among the very, very poor (financially). Throw in the dynamics of our lovely city - forty one million (41,000,000) visitors a year at our peak and you have one monumental task.

During the recent massive attacks on the Second Amendment by the Communist Regime currently in power, I did some quiet probing of the various police organizations in which I have friends. The regime in Washington might be surprised and may truly be terrified if they realized just how many police organizations stand with We The People via the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the Oath Keepers.

A friend of mine, from an organization that I once belonged to, made me aware of a recent video taken in Austin Texas that was far more disturbing than what I expected. This video (seen below) is somewhat lengthy (16:30) and the relevant section begins at about 7:30 into the video which gets somewhat "salty" the longer it runs.
Austin DPS falsely arrests two members of Open Carry Texas:
WARNING: Strong Language