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Elon Musk to turn James Bond car into working submarine

•, Terry Chao
 Yet that's exactly what Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently undertook after winning a $866,000 bid for the silver-screen speedster.

The Lotus Esprit, which was featured in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, must have a special place in Musk's heart. The car was famously driven into the ocean off a pier by Bond, then morphed into a submarine, complete with propellers, fins and all. It was put up for auction in early September in England. Musk got the car for a steal, since the projected price for the vehicle was $990,000. What a bargain!

As a child, Musk was thoroughly impressed with how the Lotus was able to transform from car to submarine with the press of a button. When he found out it was not able to actually do so in real life, he was disappointed, so he decided to realize his childhood dream as an adult.