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Cosmic Factory for Building Blocks of Life

• arclein
he catch is that these building blocks need the right conditions in order for life to flourish. Excitingly, our study widens the scope for where these important ingredients may be formed in the Solar System and adds another piece to the puzzle of how life on our planet took root."

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Comment by Ed Price
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What could anyone possibly be looking for when trying to find the building blocks of life? Consider the number of atoms in a virus... around 600 million - The number of atoms in a cheek cell - listed in the first answer at  - is in the range of 10 to the 16th power = 100,000,000,000,000,000.

The point is, even IF you could get all the atoms and molecules necessary for life into the same spot at the same time, even IF you could line them all up in the proper places that they need to be so that the result could be some form of life, YOU WOULD STILL NEED TO SIMULTANEOUSLY ACTIVATE THEM INTO THEIR APPROPRIATE CHEMICAL REACTIONS ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The thing we are looking at - the LIFE mobilizer/starter/creator - is so extremely different than anything that we understand, that if we could even find the source of life in our searches, WE WOULD NEVER RECOGNIZE IT! And there is an extremely good chance that we COULDN'T RECOGNIZE IT EVEN IF THERE WAS SOMEBODY WHO COULD EXPLAIN IT TO US IN DETAIL.

I know. I know. Evolution scientists need to do something in life. And most of us watch science fiction movies once in a while. Well, these guys (and gals) seem to LOVE playing with a whole bunch of science fiction like it is reality. They should get into Internet gaming. It's a multi-billion dollar a year industry that DOESN'T go around trying to convince people into believing in something that is impossible to recognize, to say nothing about BEING IMPOSSIBLE TO USE.