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20 Tips for Creating a Pet Preparedness Plan

•, By Gaye Levy
 He is my constant companion and he brings me smiles when I am stressed and comfort when I am sad. Life without him is unimaginable.

Something that all of us with pets need to face is that in the event of a disaster, our animals may be at risk. Today I offer tips for creating a disaster plan and a survival kit for your pet.

Before a Disaster: 8 Things You Can Do Now

1.  Make sure that your pets are current on their vaccinations. This will not only protect them from nasties, but will also insures that they will not be turned away from a pet or people shelter.

2.  Keep a copy of your pet’s license, vaccination records and a current photograph in your bug-out-bag, first aid kit, or on the flash drive that you carry on your person at all times.

3.  Make sure that the ID tags worn on your pet are current and that they include your emergency contact information.

4.  Micro-chip your pet. A microchip is permanent and will identify your pet if he becomes lost. The cost is low and virtually all shelters and veterinary clinics can read the information on the chip, greatly increasing the likelihood that you will be reunited.