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What Are the Real Foes?

• Lew Rockwell blog
Obama can make a strong case for having the domestic or constitutional authority to bomb places like Libya and Syria without congressional action. Although the Constitution hasn’t given him such power in foreign policy, the Supreme Court has. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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The real foe is the same as always. It's the capable liars.

We don't need a Constitution of any sort if... if we have honest and forthright people around us.

And, the best Constitution that anyone could ever devise will never do us any good if... if we are surrounded by plausible lies, and liars who are good at using them.

Re-doing the Constitution, or starting a new one, won't do us a bit of good without transparency in Government. Probably, since WWII, the presidents that offered the most transparency were Ike, Kennedy and Reagan. And they weren't good. It's just that all the rest were/are rotten liars to the core.