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Company Spotlight: Fuze Tactical Survival Training

 For others it may be winning a military simulation competition. And, for others, it’s a general sense of responsibility to their family and friends; to know something about survival in austere environments just in case.
Fuze Tactical Survival Training (Fuze TST)


These days it is trendy to be part of the “Prepper Movement,” due in part to TV shows, books, Aztec prophesies, or some other cool guy factor that would fit in an “other” category should it show up one day on a survey.   So, everyone “kits up” with everything under the sun, everything on TV, and everything they see in and around units that fall in under the Special Operations Command (SOCOM). While the fantasy of looking like a soldier from the Modern Warfare video game may appeal to some, most do not understand that by weighing themselves down they are defeating the common sense rule. Think about it: How many Ghillie suits do you need, or sleeping bags, or 5-gallon water jugs?