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Senator Dick Durbin: “It’s Time to Say Who’s a Real Reporter”

If you study the American criminal class long enough, it becomes quite easy to anticipate its next move in almost any serious situation. This is precisely what I did last week in my piece: It’s Acts of Journalism that Matter Not People Called “Journalists.” By watching the mainstream media’s reaction to Edward Snowden’s leaks, it became pretty obvious that what the power structure would attempt to do is pass a federal law that would ostensibly protect free speech and journalism, but in reality would allow the “authorities” to define who is and who isn’t a journalist. That way they can create distinct groups of people with distinct rights. One group would be permitted to share valuable information with the public, and the other would not. Of course, only compliant lapdogs to the state would be granted such privileges and we will end up rather quickly with no free press in America. Such a law should be resisted at all costs. Specific groups of people should not be carved out and granted