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They Will Seize Your Food and Resources: 'Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned'

 The new order provides specific definitions for each of these essential infrastructure elements, indicating that all resources, not just those owned by large farms and businesses, are to be directly controlled by the government.

The signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order grants the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense and other agencies complete control of all US resources, including the ability to seize, confiscate or re-delegate resources, materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense as delegated by the following agencies:

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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I'm sick of hearing about all these bogus orders signed by the head thug of the criminal cabal called the UNITED STATES. These twisted criminal bastards don't legally have any more authority over any of us then the greeter at Wal-Mart. The only power they have over anyone is through force and violence and as it has been written, "Live by the sword, die by the sword."  There day is close at hand and they know who they are.