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When SHTF, Here Are 3 Things Other Than Food, Water And Ammo That You Better NEVER Run Out Of


In order for you and yours to survive you must not forget a means to defeat the small silent and deadly killers.

#1 -- Disinfectant -- All surfaces will be infested with pathogens of all kinds. silent little critters that can infect you with dysentery at the least, and infectious plague at the worst. Although it is not a panacea, regular 5% clorox bleach is very effective on , even being used in hospitals to wipe stuff down.

The problem is that liquid bleach has only a year shelf life, at best. So what to do long term? Here is my solution.

Clorox is simply water and Sodium Hypochlorite. Not a "magic" chemical, it is what is used for pools and spas. You can buy a tub of several pounds at Lowes, Walmart, or your local spa/pool supply store. There are some brands that use other chemicals such as bromine mixed in as well. But, if you read the label, you can make sure the one you buy is pure Sodium Hypochlorite, and nothing else...

This stuff is caustic in its pure concentrated form. Use rubber gloves and refrain from sniffing. I promise you will smell clorox soon enough.

There are more scientific ways to get the proper 4-7 % mix which is conventional clorox, but this has worked well for me for several years. I never buy liquid bleach anymore, and the 5 pound tub of Sodium Hypochlorite I bought in 2004 will probably last the rest of my life.

Clorox is de-activated by exposure to sunlight and air. That is why you have to re treat your pool every week.

Use rubber gloves and mask if you are supersensitive. In any case, dont handle or sniff the powder directly.

To make a gallon of clorox, take a plastic or glass container which will hold about a quart of water. Place it outside in a shaded area, and place a tablespoon of powder (or break off a piece about the same size if you bought the 3 inch tablets) and add about a pint of plain water.

Invert a pail or dark colored bucket over your container, stirring with a plastic or wooden stick every few hours until no more powder will dissolve in the water. Leave overnight or for about 24 hours to make sure you have dissolved all of the powder you can.

There will be small granules in the bottom which will not dissolve, but this is ok, even though it is waste. The liquid will be as close as you can get to a 100% saturated solution...