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This Week’s Weirdest Wild Animal Incidents


A 51-year-old man shot a red-bellied woodpecker that was eating plums from trees that his mother had given him. The man was sorry, he said, but he was very attached to those plums.

After setting out to collect 67 million walleye eggs this spring, the state of South Dakota announced it was only able to collect 60 million walleye eggs, leaving South Dakota 7 million walleye eggs short of its “walleye egg-collection goal.”
Scientists diagnosed swine flu in elephant seals, deer were mysteriously going bald in California, surgeons removed a 4-pound hairball the size of a basketball from a tiger’s throat, and a columnist casually wondered if dolphins might have the ability to detect cancer in human beings: “Probably not,” the columnist conceded. “But what if the rather far-fetched idea were true?”