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The Real Story About Marijuana Legalization According To A Top Insider In The Movement

• Business Insider

Here are the most important things he told us about the movement to reform the country's marijuana laws:

Marijuana legalization activists are not making the same mistakes they did in the 1970s, when they assumed victory was certain but support dropped off unexpectedly:

"Part of what’s important is to remember the lessons of the past. Marijuana is not going to legalize itself. Our opposition is not going to take its current defeats laying down [...]

People believe that a generational shift makes marijuana legalization inevitable [just like] back in the late 1970s. Notice that support dropped by the late 1980s.

It would be a mistake for the people who advocate for legalizing marijuana to be overconfident, let’s not take success for granted, let’s keep being strategic about how we proceed."

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Comment by Ed Price
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The focus should be on decriminalization, not legalization. Why? Because there is no need to legalize something that is not illegal. If you decriminalize it, it is not illegal. So why would you want to legalize something that is not illegal? Legalization is just another method of Government control.