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Martial Law in Boston Did Not Catch the Suspect

•, ChrisInMaryville

I awoke this Saturday morning reflecting back on the heinous crime committed causing loss of life and so many casualties, grieving for the victims and their families. Then reflecting on the massive manhunt for this 19 year old, the lone surviving suspect of the crime, and the level that this manhunt has grown to. It appears all levels of law enforcement were involved, from local police to federal agents. Looking back at the massive amount of man (and woman) hours involved, the millions of dollars expended in the pursuit and lost community revenues due to city lock downs, along with the MSM spin time devoted to the coverage of the man hunt for this suspect, I think back to how this would have been handled in the pre-police militarization state we find our selves in.

When all is said and done, for now, the suspected criminal in custody, the cities are no longer locked down and life in these towns resume. So is it to be assumed the man hunt mission was triumphant? The police state enacting marshal law and locking down five cities came up empty handed. It took a home owner checking his personal property to find the suspect and close the current chapter of this story that a dominating military presence in the local streets could not, at least up to that point in time.