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April 9, 2013

NOTE:  The question in this case is, does the U.S. Corporate Government have power over the individual states?  ---PHB


A startling report prepared by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is today warning that the case known as United States v. Kebodeaux, and due to be heard by the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) on 17 April, will be the most important ruling in all of American history as should it be lost, the Obama regime, and all of those to follow, will have gained total power to rule the lives of US citizens “from cradle to grave”.

Important to understand, this report says, is that under the United States Constitution, the “general power of governing,” commonly known as the “police power,” belongs to the 50 individual American States— not to their Federal Government.


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Comment by Pat Owens
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Within the past year, Jim Hightower had an article in his news letter, that Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas wife, had received over $800,000 in donations. I can't remember the details, but the press ought to know. At the very least, all of our Supreme Court Justices, ought to have a yearly report on the amount of money they receive.  They were not elected