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What It Was Like Being Ryan Lanza's Facebook Friend When The World Thought He Was A Killer

• Business Insider
 Ryan Lanza, the brother of the actual killer, Adam Lanza, was shown on multiple news outlets as the man behind the massacre. His Facebook profile pictures had been pulled by Fox, CBS, Gawker and BuzzFeed* after a police source mis-identified Adam.

Adam had Ryan's ID on him when his body was found, which caused the initial confusion.

Ryan took to Facebook to defend himself, but only those who were friends with him could see his updates.
"F*ck you CNN it wasn't me," he wrote frantically from his mobile device while the world told him to rot in hell. "Everyone shut the f*ck up it wasn't me."

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Comment by Stick Chuckelman
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How did these "news" outlets get the information while the investigation had yet to begin? Seems like there's at least one public servant who should be prosecuted for divulging such information.  Someone needs to find the source and deal with them rather harshly.