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Coast to Coast AM – Nov 15 2012 – GMO Dangers & Home Farming

• Farm Wars
Writer/activist Barbara H. Peterson discussed the problematic health effects of genetically modified foods on the general population. She first became aware of the severity of the issue in 2005, when she cured herself of a debilitating skin condition by identifying and eliminating GMO foods from her diet. Listen to the archive on Farm Wars.

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As for ORGANIC food companies, here is some very practical, ‘actionable’ information:

Which, so-called “organic” food companies are fighting Prop 37 in California, to stop GMO labeling, and which organic food companies are funding/supporting GMO labeling (ie, your right to know)?

Boycott the Organic and ‘Natural’ Traitor Brands Whose Parent Companies Oppose Your Right to Know (ie, who opposed CA Prop 37)

Which Mega-Corporations own which “organic” food companies?

Download the “NON-GMO Shopping Guide” here: