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Medical Prepping in Three Months -- Part 2 of 2

•, by Cynthia J. Koelker
 Are you prepared, should such a disaster strike your area?
The following is offered as an outline for medical prepping, should you someday find yourself without access to professional medical care. (Part 1 of this series covered weeks 1 through 6.) 
Please note the following abbreviations:
ORG = organizational concerns
OTC = over-the-counter products
Rx = prescription products
ED = education and skills
The supplies listed under OTC can all be purchased without a prescription, though some are only available online. For prescription items, assess what your group has and what each member is likely to be able to acquire.
The three-month period is divided into 13 weekly tasks, divided according to topic, making the project more readily manageable. The outline could also be divided into months, rather than weeks, to cover a year instead.
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