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Psychiatric Drugs—Search Warnings, Studies, & Side Effects

 Click here to visit the search engine provided as a free public service by CCHR International, which contains a full list of international drug regulatory warnings & studies issued on psychiatric drugs, along with all adverse reaction reports on psychiatric drugs which have been filed with the US FDA from 2004 - 2011 by doctors, pharmacists, other healthcare providers, consumers and attorneys. All of this information has been compiled into one easy to search online search engine by the staff of CCHR International in order to provide the public at large with the facts about psychiatric drug dangers. By the FDA's own admission, only 1 -- 10% of drug side effects are ever reported to the FDA so the numbers contained in this database are much lower than what is actually occurring out in the consumer market. As psychiatric drugs are approved solely on short clinical trials (4-6 weeks), with virtually no long term studies once they are released for mass consumption into the consumer market - the Medwatch reports represent the only real post market surveillance of these drugs. This search engine essentially comprises all known, documented risks of psychiatric drugs. It does not contain opinion, just documented studies, warnings and post market data.