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We Will Watch the Watcher

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On August 13 Ademo Freeman was convicted by a jury on 3 counts of felony wiretapping because he recorded phone conversations with pubic officials without the consent of said officials. While Ademo did violate the NH wiretapping law, the NH law violates federal court precedent. Last year the 1st Circuit Court ruled that filming public officials while on duty is a “basic and well-established liberty safeguarded by the First Amendment.”

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Comment by Boston Releigh
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Yeah, when you break the law and they come after you, just say it is a violation of your civil rights! They watch you break the law. So while you break the law, watch those watchers too because they will come and get you!  They see to it that bad guys have no way out. That's what they are paid for -- to watch you, then take you when you break the law, kapis?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hopefully Ademo introduced a written motion to dismiss based upon this ruling since NH is in the 1st District and subservient to it. 

Obviously, it is not a video recording, but it is hard to believe his Rights were any less protected because he is audio recording an on the job government stooge over a phone answering questions as part of their robbed taxpayer funded job.

If he didn't it is still appealable I believe as a civil Rights violation, but it is a lot more clear cut when raised before or during trial and denied by a judge.