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Hillary's Small Arms Treaty Swindle

•, By L. Neil Smith
 About every twenty-fifth message in my Inbox concerns the efforts of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to impose, on every American she claims to represent, a treaty written by and for the United Nations that would result in the end of private firearms ownership in this country.

Smart money has it that Hillary was appointed Secretary of State in the first place for no other reason than to keep her out of Barack Obama's administrative hair -- just before he took over foreign affairs -- so she had to find something else to do with her spare time.

Hillary and her Yoonie goblins obviously agree with her husband that the Founding Fathers "gave" us too many rights and now maybe some of them need to be taken "back". They think they're being clever -- a common failing among critters toting diplomas from overrated Ivy League colleges -- having found an end-run around the Second Amendment that has caused them so much heartache throughout the past several decades.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Hillary needs to be immediately arrested along with all the rest of the traitors and tried for treason at the highest levels and especially Sorrors PERIOD!

End of story