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Health Bill is UNLAWFUL!

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Congress NEVER passed the bill as a TAX... The Supreme Court can NOT pass taxes! It is as clear as day and EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN NEEDS TO DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO BRING THIS TO THE PUBLIC...

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Comment by Ana Panot
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Naturally, lunatics believed they are more qualified to decide on legal issues and/or much wiser than the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. Hearing them criticize the U.S. Supreme Court Justices scandalizes me, that's because even just the sight of legal freaks the way they conduct themselves to be already revolted me.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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If you call Obama’s healthcare reform law UNLAWFUL, that’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Whiners like you are trying to bite your own prying schnozzle out of spite.

The CONSTITUTIONALITY of the Obamacare law has just been settled by the U.S. Supreme Court. Its legality has been established and put to rest.

With fangs of hostility showing out of rage while still yak-yakking that the Obama healthcare reform law is "unlawful", is no different from a rabid dog howling wild at night under a full moon. This man-made lunar sound we are now hearing is eerie, to say the least.

As radicals salivate in this Video you are now viewing, you must resist being contaminated by a toxic propaganda run now proliferating in the Web as presidential election nears.

Just remember what I have always advised you and warned you about: Don’t forget that what you read in this website and similar other revolutionary websites may or may not be what it is.

And again I must say to you that you can shout your lungs out protesting the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court for the whole world to hear you say that this "Health Bill is UNLAWFUL" repeatedly over and over again until you run out of breath or until you turn blue and drop dead -- whichever comes first – but this Obamacare, although it remains controversial, is LAWFUL after it has been passed by Congress and confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ergo, insofar as the legality of Obamacare is concerned, you can do nothing about it.

My advice to you is do not shoot yourself on the foot or go to the extent of breaking the law, just to prove that Obamacare is unlawful!

In short, at least don’t act silly like those peculiar high security-risk mental hobos this page has the misfortune of accommodating as their place of refuge … their safe house or online sanctuary.