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More People Killed By Bees, Drowning In Bath Than From Terrorism

•, Steve Watson

An independent review of terrorism legislation in the UK notes that government rhetoric regarding terrorism is “exaggerated for political or commercial purposes” and that many more people are killed each year by bee stings.

The report by barrister David Anderson QC, highlights the fact that the average number of annual deaths as a result of terrorism or at the hands of terrorists in the UK this century is just five.

“During the 21st century, terrorism has been an insignificant cause of mortality in the United Kingdom.” Anderson writes.

“The annualised average of five deaths caused by terrorism in England and Wales over this period compares with total accidental deaths in 2010 of 17,201, including 123 cyclists killed in traffic accidents, 102 personnel killed in Afghanistan, 29 people drowned in the bathtub and five killed by stings from hornets, wasps and bees.”

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Comment by Ed Price
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All of them that died of old age really died from terror just thinking about their government.