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Wedding Crasher: Canada To Impose Retroactive Charges For Playing Songs At Weddings

I have repeated complained about the runaway copyright and trademark laws — and the failure of politicians to protect the public from draconian penalties and thug-like actions by the industry. Now, the industry is targeting weddings — retroactively — to impose fees for playing that rendition of “Because You Loved Me” to be sure that Celine Dion gets her cut from the happy couple.

The Copyright Board of Canada has long been accused of being an extension of the industry and approved new fees to play recorded music at large gatherings, including weddings. For events with fewer than one hundred people, you will pay $9.25 per day. For a reception of 400 guests, the fee will be $27.76. However, that is only if you want to save money by barring your guests from dancing. If anyone dances, the fee goes up to $55.52. Now you know why Carrie Underwood says “I hope you dance.”

The industry is looking at bringing in an additional $100 million in new fees by raiding weddings and other events.