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Witness Counters Trayvon Martin (LS) Media Narrative

There's more than one side to any story. This one is no exception. The whole "deceased-was-completely-in-the-right while shooter- is-completely-in-the-wrong" narrative is just too clean to be real. This report appears to be from an eyewitness whose testimony can be corroborated by 911 call records.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Well, it is a World Net Daily report.  And the claims within are interesting in that I have not read them anywhere else, except Zimmerman's lawyer stated that Martin broke Zimmerman's nose.  I sure would like to see (The Smoking Gun?) the actual police reports and 911 tapes.  I assume photographs of the evidence stated in the claimed police reports were made if not collection of the grass stained/blood soaked clothing. I have a very hard time believing the police dept. would not be falling all over themselves to release this evidence IF it existed.

Bottom line Martin had every Right to be where he was doing what he was without the fear of molestation.  Zimmerman WAS the pursuer, the aggressor.  He started it and he finished it.  But if the evidence shows WNDs version of events correct it helps Zimmerman's case considerably, but does not excuse his initiating behavior and possibly his use of deadly force during a physical assault.