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Idaho OKs Seizure of Protesters' Property

Occupy Boise sued Gov. Butch Otter, claiming a new law aimed at them allows the state to seize private property without a warrant, without probable cause and without suspicion of a crime.
Occupy Boise was formed in October 2011, a month after the protest movement began on Wall Street in New York City.
On Nov. 5, 2011, about 50 Boise residents began pitching tents on land in front of the city's old Ada County courthouse, in view of the Idaho Statehouse.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Do not expect an American to do anything about it...they have better things to do like something for themselves...a game...a date....a new truck....a new dress ect,ect.Why should they,the Americans care about the man down the street?

Comment by McElchap
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Sounds like that old commie directive about dispossessing dissidents of property to disempower them. The socialists are frantic to stymie the patriot freedom fighters in the Northern Redoubt states. The battle is joined. Live free or die trying! 

Comment by Rod Souza
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Does it really matter any more what constitutional rights are violated? It's all still business as usual. Most people don't even know what the Constitution is really all about and especially those who have guns and badges or they just don't give a rat as long as they continue to get their pay checks.

When are the people going to wake up to the reality that today we live under a corporate fascist regime called Amerkis?