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U.N. Adopts ‘Religious Intolerance’ Resolution Championed by Obama Administration

• CNS News
The U.N. General Assembly on Monday adopted a resolution condemning the stereotyping, negative profiling and stigmatization of people based on their religion, and urging countries to take effective steps “to address and combat such incidents.”

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Comment by David Jackson
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     Why the hell not? If you don't like something, you might as well make it "illegal"'...Right? When the hell is everyone going to wise-up and stop allowing the assholes at the bottom of the human food chain to dictate what we do and Think? If you don't like what I believe or don't believe, tough shit! It's none of your damn business. I probably don't like what you think you believe, either:  The difference is that I'm perfectly willing to allow your beliefs - just keep the hell away from me! when you start telling me that I have to believe whatever lunacy you suibscribe to, you can go to whatever hell you think there might be. I am not in this world to promote your simple-minded view of it; and I'm sure as hell not in it to allow you to dictate my view(s)!

     If you have a couple of hours, and can bump your IQ up about 80 points, I'd be happy to discuss it with you...Just kidding. Actually, I doubt very much that you are capable of rational thought, and any discussion would be more like talking to myself - something I'm sure you are quite capable of doing.