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Utah made gold & silver legal tender, but gov't agencies are refusing to accept it in payment

• Washington Examiner
"When is Utah going to accept its own legal tender?" Bowen said.
Doing so would be impractical, Utah State Treasurer Richard Ellis said, adding that it could potentially violate another state law that prohibits agencies from holding gold as an asset because of the volatility of the commodity.
There is also ample room for fraud, Ellis said.
"I'm very concerned that this has potential for money laundering and other types of illegal activities. . Nobody's fleshed out all these details, and they want to have as little regulation and oversight as possible," Ellis said. "In my mind there's still no practical way of making this happen."

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Comment by Anonymous
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This obnoxious picture shows Jesus as the moneychanger, now why do that?  Mormonism is NOT CHRISTIAN.  They are crypto-jewish.  Masonic/Luciferian in their temples.  They just use his name too suck you in.  They are in ged with the Royal Crown and Vatican quest for one world banking using local racketeering (1961 RICO laws passed by Kennedy) trumped by modern corporatism in our municipalities.


Comment by Anonymous
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Kim Dyer here:  count on this:  Any law passed in Utah is to support THEIR money-laundering and organized crime and NOT for any civilian.  They are some of the hugest crooks on the planet and THEY BASICALLY ARE THE FEDERAL RESERVE!  They are a masonic corporation, in bed with the Royal Crown and the Vatican.  NEVER TRUST A CORPORATION/CHURCH IN BANKING/USURY.  There is a reason that they are organized to have their own intelligence unit, like the Vatican and why they are over-represented in the corrupt FBI and CIA.  Hell, they EVEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR THE 2002 OLYMPICS WITH BRIBE MONEY.  Mormons founded Nevada money laundering heaven with Illuminati global gangsters.  When are people going to get that through their heads.  They dominated the laws of the land, as in Arizona, to ensure that their RICO (1961 laws passed against racketeering by Kennedy) would allow their prophesied "secret combinations" (Vatican/Crown alliance) to create one world bank.  Stop Zionist New World order.  And expose frauds who pretend to be here to support your freedoms when they are insiders who are conning you out of your time and money.  You will get no where.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Sounds like a special action to me.

Though I would question the sanity of anyone paying the government anything except in their own rapidly debasing script. Or it's the 'I wanna be a royal pain in the arse' activist we all love.