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What Does the GOP Really Want in 2012?

• Lew Rockwell/Karen Kwiatkowski

With the field of electable Republican presidents shrinking by the minute and the first primary elections only weeks away, conservatives may be wondering what the Republican Party establishment really wants to accomplish in 2012.

I won’t keep you waiting. The Republican leadership would like nothing better than to have another four years of Dictator BHO.

Of course, they will never admit it. And I don’t doubt that they’d like as many party loyals elected to 2012 state and federal offices, good suits who will do Boehner’s bidding, and stay bought. It’s just that, well, there’s nothing like the Obaminator to rally the party troopers and inspire order.

The Tea Parties have greatly annoyed the Republican establishment with their small government advocacy, their insistence on bringing up the Constitution at inconvenient times, and their pervasive lack of faith in federal solutions, federal justice and federal monetary policy. They are, at the heart of it, just not good Republicans. What’s worse, they revel in their independence.

Here in Virginia, at least in local elections, we are seeing lots of dissenting conservatives running in Republican primaries (as I am for the 6th Congressional District) and many hard-core conservatives running as Independents in the general election. They are winning primaries against party-anointed candidates and general elections as Independents over the party’s anointed.

Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, and several other elected Republicans, were recently excommunicated by the Republican Party of Virginia for endorsing a an Independent over the GOP-preferred Republican. That’s a serious crime around here, bucking the party.