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NYPD Cop Berates, Threatens Citizen Photographing 9/11 Memorial

• Photography Is Not a Crime
ew York City police officer Mark DeSimone began experiencing “ill effects from the aftermath of 9/11” in 2003, which prompted him to begin participating in triathlons as a way to combat these repercussions.

But he doesn’t appear to have fully recovered because he practically lost his mind on a citizen who was photographing the National 9/11 Memorial last week.

DeSimone detained Meredith Dodson for 20 minutes after she snapped a photo of the long pathway into the site.


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Comment by David Jackson
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     "And the beat goes on..."

      Once again, I told you so!

       By now, everyone should be aware that this sort of thing is - has been for a long, long time - standard procedure. This is what happens when there is no accountability and the "authorities" take it upon themselves to circumvent the law and the Constitution to suit and support their own chickshit existences.

       I read the "responses" to this and they were pathetic: Only one of them actually said anything that resembled the notion that this ASSHOLE should be dealt with. Everyone else seemed to think that he was a "victim", somehow. I don't care if he lost his entire senior class and every hooker he ever shook-down...HE IS STILL ALIVE! And, he's far from the only person who suffered loss on 9/11. What he is is a poor excuse for a "cop". But, he's also a poster boy for what and who shouldn't be on the job. As for teh respondent who thinks that Bloomberg is a lunatic, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! He proves his questionable mental status, daily. I, too wouldn't go to New York under any circumstances. It remains the "Big Crapple", and always will be. I feel bad for all the folks (especially kids) who, if they could, would choose to live someplace where people actually live, instead of exist.

    As for the cop, he is worthless and DANGEROUS!