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After 9/11, woman who was at Pentagon remains skeptical

• Washington Post
“Where was the plane?” The scene is still vivid in her nightmares: rubble, yes, but no aircraft wreckage; smoke and flames, but no jet-fuel inferno.

“I was 50 feet from the impact zone,” Gallop says. “The engine should have been in my lap.”


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Comment by James Eldridge
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 "the story about a hijacked plane hitting the Pentagon “is false,” that the defendants were “complicit” in the attacks because they wanted to create conditions that would allow them to reassert “U.S. military power abroad, particularly in Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and other oil-producing areas.” That statement alone is proof enough for me to know that this was a psy-ops to bring at least half the people of the United States on borad to have them get behind all of these wars since 9/11. It really is of the devil when I come across fully grown men that are still gung-ho for going to war to kill, steal and destroy millions of innocent people. I said that because I ran into one just last night. Someday soon all those that are that way will be having it at their frontdoor. Then it will be too late to get them to help to do something about getting these wars stopped.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The amazing thing about this story is the massive amount a burying her claims in a mass of bullshit.  And attempts to discredit her.  But hey they spelled her name correct.