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Five Insane Vehicles That Go Like Hell


There are vehicles that help you get around every day—the sensible sedan, the commuter ferry, the sturdy city bike. And then there are machines that double down on technology and design to get from one place to another faster than you can imagine. We've collected five insane vehicles, all of which combine engineering and aesthetics to do one thing: go like hell.

McLaren Mercedes MP4-26

Mclaren's new formula one car is actually a hybrid—its Kinetic Energy Recovery System stores energy from braking that drivers can use later for a quick overtaking boost. But the innovations don't end there: The aerodynamics of the car's carbon-fiber body have been fully reengineered. And even though the F1's tires are now Pirellis instead of Bridgestones, meaning the team had to get used to a new set of shoes, driver Lewis Hamilton raced the MP4-26 to victory in the Chinese Grand Prix at the start of the season. McLaren is a quick study.

McLaren MP4-26
PRICEAround $5 million
TOP SPEEDOver 200 mph
WEIGHT 1,411 lbs.
LENGTH Around 15 ft.

Ducati Desmosedici RR

Ducati Desmosedici RR