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Lawmaker Attempts to Hide From Angry Taxpayers

• NBC News

Rep. Zeke Zalaski, a Democrat from Southington, has taken the legislative plates off his car because of complaints he gets about taxes when he fills up with gas, he told NBC Connecticut Wednesday.

He wants Gov. Dannel Malloy, also a Democrat, to raise taxes only on the wealthy, something Malloy has said he will try not to do. Right now, Malloy's budget includes increases in the income tax, as well as tax hikes on cigarettes, alcohol and gasoline.


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Comment by Don Duncan
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Oh the horror! Complaints! How rude of people! People give away all their power and reject self responsibility which results in disaster, and blame someone else. And their "protector" doesn't want to listen. Their so-called representatives don't even want to pretend to be representatives anymore. Wow! Is the game over? Will the people wake up and admit that they have been screwed? Or will they continue to whine to someone who could care less and has no interest in them? Will people ever stop supporting gov and start supporting themselves? 

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