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The Blood Is On Your Hands, “Pastor” Jones

Thou shalt not lie. That’s one of those commandments that “Pastor” Jones says he believes in. Why in the world would you go about burning someone’s holy book? Knowing as you know what a simple cartoon did? Knowing how the world would react to your simple act of aggression, desecrating what, to some, would be like burning the Bible or the Torah. Truly, it isn’t right what the people did in Afghanistan. It is horrific and the people who were at the compound in Afghanistan were there to AID the people of that region. Frankly, if it were up to me...

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Comment by mike Meyer
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Comment by George Call
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I give the Pastor Credit for what was done. This is United States..We are a Christian Nation...look it up...1984 legislation. Also I am 'lambasted' Every day by the homo sodomites and  the reprobate 'babykiller's as well as the 'antiChrist' ruleing class leader's in Our Christian Nation..We have been 'lied/Betrayed' by a cunning sly fox evil Enemy that is poisoning this Country as well as all the Earth. It's time to clean house..Expose these creep traitor's for the Treason they do! Enough! give 'Them ' Double that 'They' intend to do to You(us!)fear them/./.i say'Slap them!' Wake up..Enough is Enough!!-george'bubby' Call.

Comment by David Moorhouse
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Pastor Jones exposed the Koran for what it is - witness what its followers do.  Thank you for your courage Pastor Jones.  Those who don't wish to see the Koran burned need to live in a country that forbids it, then they can write back about how much fun it is especially if you are non-Islam.

Comment by Temper Bay
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What a bunch of bull-sh**!!!