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How Does it Stimulate if 2/3 of Money Unspent? Asks House Committee

We just wrote about this hearing from the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee looking into the Department of Energy not only receiving stimulus money and over inflating programs to make small things like weatherization balloon bigger than the Michelin Man, but now they are taking the Dept of Energy to task asking how it could actually be termed stimulus if you didn’t spend most of the money to begin with? As we have questioned in the past when Unca Joey “Choo choo go boom” Biden comes out with his “we came, we spent, we fixed” mantra – how is this stimulus when you don’t spend it? Why was so much held out until the second and third years of the stimulus bill when you could have easily spent a great majority of it in one year and gotten the economy quick started so much faster if your Keynesian theory of the government spending working as well as private spending is true?...