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Obama Administration is Transparent as...MUD?

It is what shall surely go down as one of the Obama Administration’s most delightfully ironic moments ever. Wednesday, March 16 was Freedom of Information Day and is annually celebrated during “Sunshine Week”. Sunshine Week is held every year in mid-March and is intended to help instigate the theory of open and honest governments. I haven’t gotten to the ironic part yet. Evidently, a group of “good government” organizations got together and decided, “Hey, guys! I know what! Let’s give this year’s award to recognize his dedication to transparency and open governing to… BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (mmm mmm mmm)! Oh, sure! Never have we seen such delicious irony – well, not since they awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for all the good deeds that he MIGHT do in the future – after all, he’d only been in office for twelve freakin’ days! But, I digress.

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