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Shrillary Clinton: Al Jazeera Real News Unlike U.S. News

Okay, how on earth is Al Jazeera “real news” as opposed to what we have here in America? And why are all the Libtards saying that we need to tune in? Is it REALLY because she thinks that the bad image America has overseas is due to Baywatch and WWE? Do you think she may have some examples and motives she isn’t mentioning by name? Well, on the second part of that thought, she *is* a tad hypocritical, as in April of 2008, she, John McCain, and Pres. Barack Obama were on WWE Monday Night Raw advertising and promoting themselves. How can Hillary then turn around and say that wrestling is a bad image for America and it’s citizens...

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Comment by Hawkeye
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"Al Jazeera" is a joke."Al Jazeera" is working with Hillery in every way.If the news org has any honesty,at all!! they would expose Hillery`s Campaign Fraud.

I don`t think Hillery would be so keen on "Al Jazeera'" if they told the truth about her.