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Sovereign Citizens Spin History, Reject Government

COLUMBUS, Ohio — They call themselves sovereign citizens, U.S. residents who declare themselves above state and federal laws. Many don't register children's births, carry driver's licenses or recognize the court system.

Some peddle schemes that use fictional legal loopholes to eliminate debt and avoid foreclosures.

A few such believers are violent: Two police officers in Arkansas died in a shootout in May after stopping an Ohio sovereign citizen and his son.

As many as 300,000 people identify as sovereign citizens, the Southern Poverty Law Center found in a study to be published Thursday that was obtained by The Associated Press. Hate group monitors say their numbers have increased thanks to the recession, the foreclosure crisis, the growth of the Internet and the election of Barack Obama in 2008.


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Comment by John Rosemarry
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Comment by tittiger
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This must have occured in a disarmed victum zone as no one seemed to shoot back and he got off shot until he ran out of ammo.

Comment by tittiger
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Want an authoritive answer?  Go read Tim Balwins article:

The American Revolution Revisited

Comment by tittiger
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Doesn 't the Declaration of Independance spell out or at least imply that we are all sovereign? 

I wonder why the Huffington post ignored this point?
Could they  be biased and have an agenda?

As far as the dead cops. Almost everything cops do all day long involves violating the God given right of American citizens. As long as they continue to act in this way I think there are appropriate responses.



Comment by Frederick Bastiat
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I dunno, coming from the people who classify Ron Paul supporters as violent extremists, I don't think I'm going to take SPLC's word for it. The father and son that shot the cops were f'd up, but there are idiots in any group. I'd like to see a non-biased report on the Sovereigns.