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John Stuart 'Pre-Trial Conference' #21

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Going on three years now - and over TWENTY times John has been dragged into court to get him to 'cop a plea' (which he will NEVER do - because he is INNOCENT!)
Now I'm hearing that 'the cops lied to the Grand Jury' and 'they lost the evidence'.  I don't know about either of those issues.  All I know is that a man who was known to go into bars and start fights for FUN was over the extreme DUI limit and tried to CHOKE JOHN TO DEATH through his vehicle window (the man SAID he was going to kill them!)
Arizona 'Castle Doctrine' EXTENDED TO ONE'S VEHICLE. 
Self defense. Case dismissed. 
Too bad those in 'government' don't see things the same way.  Is this a case of 'job security' for the courts system?
It's starting to look like a duck...

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Comment by PureTrust
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I suppose what Government is worried about now is the $millions that John will sue for because of all the ways that Government hassled him.

We ALL need to learn the basic foundational laws, the Maxims of Law and the Constitutions, Northwest Ordinance and Magna Carta... so that we can keep those un-trustworthy Government sharks in their place long enough to replace them.


Comment by Psychictaxi
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I just got off the phone with John.  He said that it wasn't dismissed today, but...

He said "It was really weird, Ed.  The prosector was NICE about everything - we thought 'is this the same person?'"  It seems that things are catching up to the prosecution, and they are looking for a 'way out'!

I'd love to say more, but John said he will write me a formal statement, and I know my Senior Editor Powell Gammill was in the courtroom (I had to leave right after the Sign-Wave), and will be publishing his Standard Excellent Report as soon as he has it written.

It was a good day.  

Next scheduled conference/hearing is February 4th.  Stay tuned.