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House passes immigration Dream Act

• AP
The House passed a landmark youth immigration bill known as the Dream Act on Wednesday night largely along party lines, but the measure faces a tough test in the Senate as Democrats struggle to pass priority legislation in the waning days of this Congress.

Eight Republicans joined in approving the bill, 216 to 198. Thirty-eight Democrats voted no. The measure offers a path to citizenship for young people who were brought to this country illegally before age 16 and who have enrolled in college or entered the military.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Let's not be mislead ... it's just a trap, to make the Republicans look mean when they take over Congress starting this January. Featuring the children of undocumented immigrants, Dream Act is an act of mercy ... at your expense and mine. It was designed against the angry Republicans, specifically against the mean-spiritedness of the GOP's Contract with America that dehumanizes the treatment of the children of illegals in the country -- to spy for the immigration status of their parents and report them to their teachers in school, to defund [deprive them of] their education, medical services and cut them off from any publicly funded social and/or welfare benefits, which the U.S. Supreme Court said no you cannot do that to children born in the United States [see previously attempted immigration reform bill sponsored by the Republican Congress with a rider to criminalize undocumented immigrants which cost GOP the 2004-08 elections]. Obama and his minions are just trying to be smart -- punch hard where the Republicans would argue for their hatred of immigrants, and for money, not for humanity.  This bull crap is clear to me as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. My memo to Republicans who are fuming mad:  Obama is picturing you as Marxists the way you treat the childlren of undoc immigrants ... use counter-ideological knowledge not bare knuckles to knock out this foxy White House chameleon who in reality is in fact turning America into a Kremlin satellite. Clever ... clandestinely clever ... clever!

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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Besides nullification ( and possible secession from the union, these criminals should all be charged with treason  for their dispicable behavior.

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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It seems like the criminals in DC try to figure out the most egrediously unconstitutional actions they can take, that will simutanoiously piss the electorate off as much as possible, do as much economic damage to our already sinking economy, and that is the path that they take.

 Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I delusional?