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Twilight of the Gods Time for America

Yesterday, I had lunch with a very successful businessman.I have been doing business with him for more than 10 years. He is as shrewd as they get. His accountant once told me that this man is the smartest man he knows. This man was born in the Middle East and came to America to make his fortune. In the 10 plus years, I have known him, he has never talked politics with me. Never. He thinks business, not about politics. This man is now 70. Over lunch, he looked at me wearily and said, "I came to America because the opportunity was here. That opportunity is slowly sliding away for others. The government is squeezing everyone. I'm getting squeezed with new tax enforcement and new regulations. America is decaying from within. I am not sure where the place to be is, but it is certainly not America anymore." When the apolitical types know there is something wrong. There's a lot wrong. They wouldn't notice it unless it was smacking them right in the head. And that's what the government is doing, squeezing with this rule and that regulation. It will eventually become clear to everyone that the country is crumbling, by then it will probably be too late. And the solutions offered may be worse than the disease. Keep one bag packed, my friends. It's very close to Twilight of the Gods time for America.