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WikiLeaks: Clever PsyOps?

WikiLeaks Drop Shows U.S. Striving to Maintain Order in Chaotic Global Relations ... Some of the diplomatic papers stolen from the State Department and leaked Sunday by WikiLeaks show more than just potentially embarrassing revelations about U.S. views of allies but disturbing developments among alleged friends as well as foes and competitive states. The details from the cables being released – among 250,000 illegally taken from secret State Department records – include discussions on the U.S. being unable to stop Syrian arms to Hezbollah, its disappointment in Qatar to stop funding terrorism and hacking by the Chinese government of U.S. computers. Other communiques passed forward by the website to several newspapers also reveal U.S. talk about individual leaders like Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who the Guardian reported was noted to be "accompanied everywhere by a 'voluptuous blonde' Ukrainian nurse." The Guardian also cites cables that call Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin an "alpha-dog," says Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is "driven by paranoia" and describes German Chancellor Angela Merkel as one who "avoids risk and is rarely creative." The cables also suggest that the U.S. had sought to use its embassies in the global espionage network. – FOX News

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Comment by Ned The Head
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The case for suspicion is building. First big red flag was the NYT (aka Grey Lady, Toilet Paper of Record and the Old Rag) picking up the story. They don't turn around and piss without being told to do so. The implicit case supporting Israel's claims was the next biggie.

Now this business of hanging the House Of  Saud out to dry, look at who's implied there: anybody even pretending to oppose any sort of US policy on their soil.

And this business of making Hillary out to be a hawk (which she most certainly is) will only endear her to a grand part of voters, particularly "national security centrists" who want, along with all lemmings, to be made to feel safe in their mad dash off the cliff.

Wrap this together with some vapid observations about truth and legality and we have a perfect bit of counter-ops propaganda here.

It's just fitting the profile is all I'm saying now.