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Local TSA Agent Speaks Out On Pat-Downs

• CBS News

TSA officers don’t like the new aggressive pat-downs of passengers either.

“I truly feel that it is morally and ethically wrong to do it,” the agent noted. “This does not make flying safer. It’s just taking away American citizens rights.”

And all the horror stories at other airports only make things worse.

“Everybody shudders when they hear that because they know that is not what we’re supposed to be doing,” the agent said.


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Comment by Ross Wolf
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Homeland Security Could Be an Economic Boon For Local Merchants while devastating Large Shopping Centers.

Homeland Security’s plan to establish Invasive X-ray Scans at entrances of large Shopping Malls will drive off shoppers to buy from non-mall merchants at stand alone stores and small outdoor strip centers in their community. Shopping centers in the U.S. are already dying economically with tenants defaulting, not renewing leases, because they can’t financially make it in this horrific recession. Non-shopping Mall commercial properties in trafficked locations could prove to be a good real estate investment.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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In the first World War the US government witnessed a highly disturbing trend; the men they conscripted into military service would deliberately aim their rifles to miss the German "enemy."  this was due to a moral revulsion against murder.

Following WWI, new procedures were implemented in the military to break down recruits and mold them into a cohesive unquestioning killing machine. 

This was so successful I think it should be implemented into the TSA.  Drill sergeants, union provided of course, can break down those antiquated concerns over privacy and Right, and buildup a professional groping force to rival a Jordanian torture squad.